I’m calling this series over… Phillies have advanced to the NLCS

You know on election night, sometimes they call certain races with less than 1% of precincts reporting?

On the surface it seems unfair. You can say “Hey! How do you know who won until you’ve read EVERY ballot.”

But there is the practicality. If a drag queen is running in Salt Lake City… or a Bible thumping “It’s Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve” loon is running in the Castro district of San Francisco… I think you can make a fair assessment after looking at the first few ballots. You know they don’t have a chance.

And that brings us to the Phillies/Reds series.

It’s not even the 5th inning yet of the FIRST GAME… and I’m calling it.

I predicted a sweep and guess what? It might not even go to three games. They may have to say “Screw it, just play game 2 in Cincinnati so the fans have something to cheer for and just send the Phillies to the NLCS.”

It’s not even an official game yet and the Phillies are smacking the Reds pitching around while Roy Halladay hasn’t let up a base runner yet.

I’ve seen enough ballots.
I’m calling this race over.

I bet even Walter Mondale would watch this game and say “Christ, even I put up a FIGHT!”
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