The Rangers matched their greatest post season ever

The Rangers went into today’s game with a grand total of one post season win in their history.
Now they have two.

To understand how insane that is to double a team’s post season success in one day, just imagine if the Yankees played a post season game… and in the process won the World Series 27 times in that day.

Thus the storied history of the Rangers just got some story to it!

Equally nutty… the Rangers scored more than twice as many runs in today’s game as they scored in the 1998 and 1999 Division Series combined.

Actually Bengie Molina matched the post season home run and RBI totals of the 1998 and 1999 squads today.

This is why they got Cliff Lee. So much for home field advantage in the Division Series.

Now don’t forget. They won Game 1 in 1996 against the Yankees as well… and they didn’t win another post season game until this afternoon.

Game 2 is arguably the biggest game in the history of the Rangers.

And let me ask again… are you excited, Rangers fans?

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