Lincecum picks up the gauntlet

My dad and I were talking about the Giants game this afternoon. My dad said “people are going to be expecting Lincecum to throw a no hitter on the heels of Halladay.”

Well, he took care of THAT thought with the first batter.
I knew my dad was AT the game and when I saw he let up a lead off double, I thought “Oh man… please don’t get rocked.”

He didn’t throw a no hitter… but DAMN he did the next best thing.
A DOMINATING complete game shut out?
2 hits, 1 walk and 14 STRIKEOUTS!!!

Now is there a baseball fan ALIVE who doesn’t want to see a Lincecum/Halladay match up?

You could argue it was more impressive than Halladay’s game.
You’d be wrong, but you could argue it.

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