Hey Tommy Hunter… no pressure

All you have to do is win today.

And oh yeah, get the Rangers to forget the fact that they were 5 outs away from winning the first post season series in the history of the franchise.

Oh yeah, if they don’t win tomorrow, then they have to go BACK to Florida and face David Price in a do or die game.

The direction of the franchise is at stake.

So no pressure. Just win.

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It has come to this…

I was watching the Twins/Yankees game… and the Twins just aren’t trying.
My wife sat down next to me and asked “Can I change it?”

I shrugged, realizing that I am about to watch a Yankee post season clinching celebration.
“Go ahead and change it.”

So I am watching now an episode of Divine Design on HGTV instead of watching the playoffs.

Candice is redesigning a teenage boy’s room.
It is riveting.

It is better TV than watching this baseball game.

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