Can’t Evan Longoria afford a new cap?

Seriously… if he lost his hat, buy a new one! He signed a $17 million contract. Go on line and get a new one.

Why chase down that poor schmuck to a helicopter?

And why is some yahoo going to Rays games (and taking public transportation) getting on a private helicopter?

Sorry, but these things bother me.
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Brooks had a very bad day

Yeah yeah yeah… three errors including 2 that produced runs in a 3-2 game.
Lest we forget he ALSO screwed up a sacrifice bunt in the 8th inning.

I feel very bad for him.
9 years in the minors… he scrapped and clawed his way to the big leagues…. he played 5 different positions in the minors trying to get a big league shot… He gets to the big leagues… hits a dramatic walk off grand slam earlier this year… and now finds himself starting in the post season.

It should be a feel good story about a guy who just wouldn’t quit.
And now he is going to be remembered as a post season goat.

I can’t help but feel bad for the guy.

A silver lining? He plays in Atlanta which isn’t exactly an intense baseball town. If he did this in New York, Boston or Philadelphia, he’d be burnt in effigy.
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Complete Game Victories to Clinch the Division Series

Cole Hamels gave the Division Series a wonderful exclamation point and helped the Phillies continue to serve notice:

They intend to roll over the National League.

Last night, Hamels gave the Phillies their second complete game shutout in 3 games. (Granted, Halladay’s was more impressive.)

But a clinching complete game shutout is nonetheless pretty dang cool.

In this day and age of high paid closer, the clinching pitch is almost always thrown by the closer regardless of the situation. (The Yankees didn’t NEED to bring in Rivera the other day against the Twins.)

You might see the occasional World Series clinched with a complete game (a la Josh Beckett in 2003) or the LCS (a la Jose Contreras in 2005) but throwing a complete game to clinch a Division Series didn’t seem all that common.

So the staff at Sully Baseball looked it up, and since the Division Series became an annual event in 1995, there have been only three other times when a pitcher threw a complete game to clinch the first round.

Complete Game Division Series Clinchers

John Smoltz
Game 3
4-1 victory against Houston Astros

Bobby Jones
Game 4
4-0 victory against San Francisco Giants

Curt Schilling
Game 5
2-1 victory against St. Louis Cardinals

Cole Hamels
Game 3
2-0 victory against Cincinnati Reds

The 2001 Series didn’t end with Schilling on the mound getting the last out. The series ended with a walk off single by Tony Womack.

For sticklers of details, they played the Division Series in 1981 as well and two more complete games clinched series THAT year.

Steve Rogers
Game 5
3-0 victory against Philadelphia Phillies

Jerry Reuss
Game 5
4-0 victory against Houston Astros

But while relievers were being used more frequently then, the whole specialization of EVERY bullpen role (and the cheapening of the save) didn’t come around until the late 1980s.

So Cole Hamels has a complete game clincher to go along with his NLCS MVP, World Series MVP and World Series ring.

And gets to join select company.

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