The Don of the Phillies

I am rooting for the Giants as is my dad in the NLCS. But I have a soft spot in my heart for the Phillies because of my many relatives who lived most of their lives in the Philadelphia area.

This series is going to be an interesting one because my Uncle Don, my dad’s brother, is the biggest Phillies fan of them all. I wonder what their correspondence will be like during the NLCS.

Now my Uncle Don has had some ups and downs health wise, but I am happy to hear he is doing a lot better now.

I am thinking about you, Uncle Don, and I can’t wait to breakdown the Phillies roster piece by piece and compare them to the 1980 team.

I am no cardiologist, but I always think watching your team in a thrilling October playoff match up is the best thing for your health.

Keep getting better.
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