Anything happen in baseball while I was away?

I went to Big Bear Lake this weekend with the family…
Went on walks, went kayaking, and reconnected to nature just like Emile Hirsch in Into The Wild.
Anything happen in baseball?
Oh nothing… except the very balance of the post season was thrown into disarray.
The Rangers? Well they made the ALCS a best of 5 series with Cliff Lee pitching in 2 of the remaining 5 games on full strength.
Like I said before, the Yankees rotation is insane… they will be facing Cliff Lee twice and be throwing A. J. Burnett once.
Um… that’s 3 wins THERE, isn’t it?
And the Giants? Well let me put it this way:
The supposedly lousy San Francisco attack got INFINITELY more hits and runs off of Roy Halladay than the feared Cincinnati offense.
Could it be a Rangers/Giants World Series?
That would mean my fish was correct AGAIN.
So not much happened I guess.
By the way, the movie Into The Wild was overrated… just my point of view.

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