I am a petty little person

My team is out of the playoffs but I am getting great joy in rooting for the Giants, my dad’s team.

But I am getting another perverse pleasure that I am not proud of… but I admit is there. It is always fun to not only see the Yankees lose, but to read the abject panic that happens in Yankee land by way of the New York press.

It’s truly difficult to understand what the New York media or any Northeastern media is regarding baseball unless you experience it first hand.

There is no middle ground… only chest thumping arrogance, or Chicken Little hysteria.

Before the series started? The columns were about how the Yankees experience was going to overwhelm the Rangers… and how the showdown with Philadelphia was inevitable.

Now the Yankees have been out played for all but 2 innings and are handing the fate of the season over to A. J. Burnett… the Yankee press is now pushing Kate Winslet out of the way to get into a lifeboat before the boat sinks.

Lamenting the Burnett signing
Grinding their teeth over Lee’s dominance
Doubting the Yankees ability to come back

It’s good old fashioned Schadenfreude! Rooting AGAINST the Yankees goes beyond the days of Joe Hardy… And yeah, it’s fun to admit that watching Yankee land squirm is fun.



But neither is laughing at someone passing gas… but we still do it.

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The Bronx Job

With all of the breaking down of how Game 3 could have unfolded and how the Rangers would do and how the Yankees would do, we all seemed to forget one key factor of the game last night:

Cliff Lee was pitching for a paycheck.

Remember he is a free agent this off season and will be the most coveted name on the board.

And if you get the Yankees lusting after you, then you can basically ask for any amount of money that pops into your mind.

Cliff Lee is not a poor man. He’s already made 23 million pigs as a pitcher. Even with agent fees, union dues, taxes and buying lots of Christmas gifts, he can make rent each month.

But being a free agent ace… wanted by ALL teams… and beating the Yankees 3 out of 3 post season games in the last 2 years (including a complete game in the World Series)…

Last night was the greatest audition since Susan Boyle!

If A. J. Burnett was worth $16 million in the open market, can you imagine what Cliff Lee will command?

All I know is that the contract he will sign will take care of his bills, his children’s bills, his grandchildren’s bills…

Chances are when Cliff Lee IV graduates from Princeton with his tuition 100% paid for, he can say “thanks Great Grand Dad for beating the Yankees that night in 2010.”

And if THAT isn’t motivation to win, I don’t know what is!!!
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