Show of hands, Giants fans…

If I told you at the beginning of the NLCS that the Giants would beat Roy Halladay AND Cole Hamels, raise your hand if your would take it.

That if in Game 4, the Giants would face Joe Blanton, who hasn’t pitched in nearly a month, and throw Madison Bumgarner, raise your hand if you’d take that.

Now how about if I told you that if EVERYTHING goes wrong in Game 4… they lose 20-0 and are no hit… they would still be tied 2-2 with Tim Lincecum on the mound at home? Show of hands if you would take it.

I expect to see a LOT of hands in the air.

I thought the Phillies were winning in 5.
They’ve got to run the table to win in 6.

And tomorrow is the ONE TIME the Giants aren’t going to face a former Cy Young winner or NLCS MVP on the mound.

Blanton is a decent pitcher with a big heart.
Bumgarner is a solid pitcher with great stuff.

You’d have to favor the home team in that match up.

Hands up if you’d take that.

I know Giant fans shouldn’t get ahead of themselves… but isn’t cool to be in a situation where they SHOULDN’T get ahead of themselves?

Win tomorrow… then start getting giddy.
The Giants are half way there.

Hands up if you were expecting THAT?
(Mine would NOT be up.)

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