Most of my readers who post stuff on the comment sections are either my faithful followers or anonymous posters wondering if I am a homosexual because I want instant replay in baseball.

(Still can’t figure out the connection there.)

But every once in a while, I’ll get a piece of spam.
And today was no different.

Personally, I love Spam when it is honest.
I’ll check the mailbox and say “Hey! Someone commented on my old Bud Selig statue post. I wonder who it was?”

And lo and behold if it from one of my loyal readers “viagra online.

But sometime they like to write the Spam as if it is from an actual baseball fan.
Today I got a beauty.
“San Francisco Giants Tickets” wrote to a piece I did on Red Sox fans picking a playoff team.

“That were great series!!!”

(Whoever wrote this spam went to the Tonto school of diction.)

“Ii am the biggest baseball nut of the Giants so I really loved reading your article”

(An article about being a Red Sox fan.)

“I was glad I got my San Francisco Giants Tickets for the up coming baseball gae for Giants Stadium”

You would think the biggest baseball nut of the Giants would know the Giants don’t play in Giants Stadium, which is in East Rutherford New Jersey, but AT&T Park in San Francisco.

Ah well…
Let’s celebrate Spam.

And no, San Francisco Giants Tickets… you don’t get a link!

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Of COURSE you couldn’t make this easy, Giants!

We all thought it, didn’t we? When Halladay was taken out for Ross Gload and he lined into a double play, everyone watching the game thought “This is the turning point… 1 run game… Halladay is out… the middle relief can be exposed… this is going to be the night!”
And when Lidge came in… admit it you thought “Oh man… he can blow it can’t he?”
So now they have to go to Philadelphia and win 1 game… Let’s hope there best chance didn’t slip away today.
Torture indeed.

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