My son Aidan noticed something

I was watching the game last night and my son Aidan sat with me.
At one point he looked at the TV and had a confused look on his face.

They cut to the Giants dugout…

And Aidan observed “They are all wearing my hat.”

And with THAT moment, Aidan felt a one on one connection with the team.

He took his first step into a larger world.

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I don’t think Eli Whiteside is getting into a game

I hope you are enjoying the playoff experience, Eli Whiteside. If you couldn’t make a cameo in a 9-0 game, then it is clear that Bochy isn’t going to use you.

It’s tough to bust into a box score when Buster Posey is the #3 hitter. And it is important to keep a catcher on the bench invcase of an injury.

So enjoy the view. It’s the best in the house. After Guillermo Mota pitched yesterday, it made Whiteside the Maytag repair man of the Giants.

Maybe he can taunt Zito by saying “well I am at least ELIGIBLE to play.”

I know I won’t be the only person to say this

And it was high school friend Marina Franco who posted this on Facebook…
The Texas Rangers were indeed walkers tonight.

I was rooting for the Giants of course… but wow. Derek Holland’s appearance was special bad.
13 pitches and 1 strike in zero innings pitched?

I may not understand all the new stats people use, but I am pretty sure that throwing 0.07% of pitches for strikes is a bad ratio.

That whole insane inning started with 2 outs and nobody on…

It got to the point where even I was thinking “Oh just throw a strike!”

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