Rest in Peace, Ron Santo

In many ways Ron Santo was the Cubs answer to Phil Rizzuto.
He was a great player, a borderline Hall of Famer who, like Rizzuto, was surrounded by many other Hall of Famers (Banks, Jenkins, Williams…)

He was a fan favorite whose value went beyond the stats, kind of like the Scooter.

And as a announcer, he did not fill the role of skilled broadcaster but like Rizzuto, that’s what made him work behind the mike.

If the Scooters was the hilarious sometimes absent minded Italian uncle, then Santo was the sloshed but passionate Cubs fan.

It often sounded like they pulled in someone from the bleachers to call an inning or two.

While Scooter would talk about a great Italian dinner he had and admit to writing “Wasn’t Watching” in his score card, Santo would yell and scream like a passionate Cubs fan would.

Sometimes he was incoherent. Sometimes it would be a simple “Oh no…” or a “YEAH!” that would be uttered while the poor play by play guy would be doing most of the heavy lifting.

It was always a treat listening to Cubs games on my XM Radio and call my friend and Cubs fan Rob Paravonian to say “Quick! Listen to the Cubs. Santo is going nuts.”

Sadly we will never hear him call a Cubs World Series title.

Here he is calling a three homer game by Aramis Ramirez.

Rest in peace… baseball games just got a little less fun.

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I was going to take the weekend off and take care of some things around the home… but the news of the big deal just made it imperative that I chime in.

I am of course referring to Jack Hannahan signing with the Cleveland Indians.

The left handed hitting jack of all trades infielder is a career minor leaguer with one complete big league season in 2008 for the A’s.

And now he brings his stick and glove to Cleveland. It’s a minor league deal, but so what?

The balance of power in the AL Central has shifted to Cleveland.

It’s too bad he never made it to Boston in his brief stint with the Red Sox. It would have been so nice to have such a nice Irish name in Fenway.

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