A quick question for whomever designed this Sports Illustrated cover

Looking for a pic of Steinbrenner for another post, I stumbled across this Sports Illustrated cover from 2003.

And the premise is clear for the 2003 Baseball preview… pitching wins and George Steinbrenner has paid to make sure he has the best staff.

Pettite, Mussina and Clemens all belong. (David Wells who was also on the team just released his book and I guess was persona non grata.)

And you have Contreras and Weaver… who would turn out to be busts in New York only to lead other teams to the World Series title soon after their Yankee stay ended.

That’s all fine and good.

Remember him? The Hall of Famer in the bullpen? The lynchpin of championships?

Seriously, at no point during the photo shoot did Andy Pettite look around and say “Jeff, Jose… nice to see you. Um where the hell is Mo?”

It struck me as odd.

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