If all things were equal, Cliff Lee should be a Cardinal

Wherever Cliff Lee will sign, it will be for the biggest contract. And why not? Would YOU turn down the most dough?

And after being a Cy Young winner in 2008, he has played for four different teams. So why shouldn’t he go for stability in his life now?

And of course the Yankees are front runners.
The Rangers want him back and supposedly there are some other clubs in the running.

If it weren’t a money and budget factor, wouldn’t he fit perfectly with the St. Louis Cardinals?

He doesn’t want to go to New York!
He is a low key guy who just wants to pitch.

His wife doesn’t want to go to New York. She thinks they are all spitting scum bags.

And pitching in the Texas heat for 6 or 7 years will wear him down.

In St. Louis, the nice Arkansas boy will have a passionate Midwestern fan base cheering for him.
He’d be under the tutelage of Dave Duncan, the best pitching coach in the game.

And oh yeah, the Cardinals rotation would go “Lee – Wainwright – Carpenter – Jaime Garcia – Jake Westbrook.”

Um… hello pennants!

It would be like when Greg Maddux joined an already stacked Atlanta pitching staff in 1993.

Plug Lee into the Cardinals staff and they would be a terror in any short series.

Plus he would get all of those games against the Astros, Pirates and Cubs which is always good for the win/loss totals.

All things are NOT equal and the Cardinals aren’t even in the sweepstakes for Lee.

But they should be. It would best for ALL parties.
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