I actually am happy for Cleveland fans this off season

Why do you ask?

Imagine if Cliff Lee was still with the Indians and he was the bad ass Cy Young winner and hope for any World Series title by the Lake.
Then imagine if he was going through this whole footsie with the Yankees, Rangers and the Indians this off season and EVERYONE trying to guess where he is going to go.
Will he stay here.
Will he take the big bucks elsewhere?
Will he go to New York?
And each team makes a desperate pitch and the entire off season is paralyzed until a decision is made.
Didn’t Cleveland JUST GO THROUGH THAT with LeBron?
Doing that TWICE in one year to them would have been just cruel.
I would love it if Cliff Lee said “I am going to take my talents to South Beach” just to catch the Marlins off guard.
Maybe LeBron can help him pick out a subtle new home.

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