Can we please ease up on the "Cliff Lee turned down money!" rhetoric?

I am getting a little tired of hearing about all the money Cliff Lee walked away from when he signed with the Phillies.

Yes, he could have tens of millions of dollars more if he signed with the Yankees and Rangers. And yes it is rare for a player to NOT sign for the highest dollar.

But let’s slow down the selfless Cliff Lee not caring about money storyline please.

He isn’t walking away from the Rangers and Yankees to go to Calcutta and help the sick.
He isn’t Gandhi, making his own clothes and living on a crust of bread.

He is still making $120 million!
If he isn’t stupid with his money, his great grandchildren should be able to go to Law School with the full tuition paid.

And he gets to pitch for a contender and one where he doesn’t have the pressure of being the #1 starter.

It was a smart baseball decision because Halladay is ahead of him in the rotation and the Phillies have the best shot to make the World Series in 2011 and 2012.

It was a smart decision in terms of going to a fanbase where he already has goodwill in the bank.

It was a smart family decision because his wife and kids loved Philadelphia.

And it STILL made him $120 million.

He had three offers. One was obscene. And the other two were OBSCENE!

It’s easier to walk away from $50 million when you still get to pocket nearly 2 1/2 times that!

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