New Sully Baseball Video – "Defensive Indifference"

In the latest Sully Baseball video, I point out that the very concept of defensive indifference is nuts and should be taken out of baseball.

And as always, I’m right.

The video is shot and co produced by my amazing wife, Lisa.


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Madoff and the Mets

How appropriate is it that Bernie Madoff ripped off the Mets? There is something sadly appropriate about his mid 2000s hustling of the other team in New York with the Mets fortunes (or lack thereof.)

Lots of big promises were made by Madoff and the Mets.
Lots of money changed hands.
Lots of people had images of glory dancing in their heads.
And lots of people felt ripped off when it was all done.

Whether it was an elaborate Ponzi scheme or the brutal contracts and the false promise of the 2006 season, both Ponzi and the Mets squandered lots of money and the ripple effects of it will be felt for a long time.

I thought it was funny how the Wilpons kept insisting that the Madoff scandal didn’t affect their bottom line. But now they are starting to sell off parts of the team… a team filled with expensive yet worthless contracts.

I think the time is perfect for someone out there with a nice pile of money to become a new famous big shot in New York. Think about it. A billionaire who wants fame and adoration can come in, take the Mets way from the Wilpons and before long could be the person to turn the team around.

Then again maybe adding ANOTHER billionaire with big promises to New York isn’t the way to go right now.

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Milton Bradley and mistakes

So the Mariners are going to keep Milton Bradley. Despite a lousy year where he had to leave to take care of personal matters, and an off season arrest that shows those matters aren’t really resolved, he’s coming back.

People make mistakes,” new Mariners manager Eric Wedge said.

Yeah they do Eric. Like giving Milton Bradley chance after chance.
At what point does this become enabling?
At what point do you say “Hmmm, I see a pattern here.”

When a guy this talented plays for 8 teams in 11 seasons (including 5 in the last 4 years) and each time he goes there is much rejoicing, isn’t that the point where you say “Yeah, let’s move on.”

Wedge managed Bradley with the Indians and it was a confrontation between the two that forced his first of many trades.

In the 7 seasons since, he hasn’t really improved, has he?

And when you look at his career, is it even worth it on the field?
He had a great half season in 2007 with the Padres (until he injured himself arguing and ended his season… a season where the Padres missed the playoffs by a single game.)

He had a terrific season in Texas in 2008, his walk year.
Now he has had two straight miserable seasons, is in his mid 30s and frankly has had only had 2 and a half seasons of note.

The Mariners need to rebuild. How exactly is Bradley a piece to any rebuilding project?
If he is no longer a usable player (which he isn’t) and he’s no longer a person you want in the clubhouse (even he doesn’t want to be there) then why bring him back?

People make mistakes.
Eric Wedge and the Mariners are making one now.

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