Whoops! My Hideki Okajima farewell tribute was premature!

You know that awkward feeling you get when you give someone a long and heartfelt good bye, maybe even shed a tear or two, only to find out they are going to stick around for a few more days.

It kind of makes whatever good bye you say later look kind of silly.

That happened with me here on Sully Baseball.

On December 5th, Hideki Okajima was nontendered by the Red Sox. I made sure on the blog that his time with the Sox did not end without a fitting tribute for a playoff and World Series hero.

Well, on New Year’s Eve, Oke-Dokey resigned with the Red Sox. He’s coming back.
I knew he’d find another job. He’s left handed and has a pulse. I just didn’t think it would be the Sox.

OK, Hideki… next time you leave, I am giving you a VERY SHORT post.

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