Fare thee well, Trevor Hoffman

I admit that I’ve been rough on Trevor Hoffman on this blog.
I don’t think he is a Hall of Famer.
I don’t think he was one of the elite closers.
I think he was a fine pitcher who compiled saves when it was easy to do so and blew way too many big games to be in Cooperstown in my book.

Yes, he is the All Time Saves leader.

Lee Smith was as well. Is he a Hall of Famer?
Jeff Reardon was as well. Is he a Hall of Famer? (And Reardon had the “clinching the World Series moment” that neither Smith nor Hoffman had.)

By the time Hoffman’s name reaches the ballot, Mariano Rivera, a legit Hall of Famer, will have the 42 saves needed to be the new All Time Saves leader.

All that being said, he had a terrific career and it seems like nobody had a bad thing to say about him.

And I feel an odd connection as a fan because his older brother, Glenn Hoffman, was on many of the Red Sox teams I grew up watching.

So good luck Trevor Hoffman. Your career was one worth saluting, especially when you consider how quickly relievers flame out.

And if you get elected to the Hall of Fame, I won’t protest. I can’t imagine how someone could get MAD if a player they don’t agree with gets elected.

I promise in five years, if this blog is still up, I will have toned down my rhetoric.

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