Brian Cashman… stop making public statements

It’s not been a good off season for Brian Cashman, but I already covered that.

But while it is humiliating to see plan A, B and C go up in smoke, there is only so much control he has over other people’s decisions.

He can throw lots and lots of money at players. If they want to take less money, he has no control over that.

But do you know what he DOES have control over? Making public statements.

You know when you talk about having Jeter test the open market to see if their offer was fair?

Jeter didn’t test the market… and the Yankees upped the ante anyway.

Or maybe remember Cashman talking about NOT surrendering his first round picks?

He was quoted as saying:
I will not lose our No. 1 draft pick,” Cashman said. “I would have for Cliff Lee. I won’t lose our No. 1 draft pick for anyone else.”

That was all the way back on January 7th.
Less than one week later, the Yankees gave a 3 year deal to Rafael Soriano making him the richest set up man in the world… giving up their pick to Tampa in the process.

Look, I get this move. He’s a good reliever and having a very deep bullpen could help the Yankees… especially since Andy Pettitte could be sitting on his porch whittling all summer and A. J. Burnett is the Yankees #3 starter!

(The fact that he is letting up flyballs in a hitter’s ballpark isn’t good, but I digress.)

Just don’t make pronouncements like that, Brian. You are already experiencing an off season where people think you are a little bit rudderless. Don’t put fuel on the fire of contradicting yourself and making your moves look desperate.

I know you WANT to patiently build a team from the ground up… but you didn’t take a patient organization.

Learn the art of not making promises.
You break a lot fewer when they don’t exist.

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