Hey Packer fans… let Brett Favre off the hook

Green Bay Packers Quarterback Brett Favre Superbowl.jpg

I can not pretend to be a football expert. And I know I am dipping my toe into a very dangerous territory when I start to tell Packer fans what to do… but here I go.

In the euphoria of yesterday’s thrilling win against the Bears no less, and in light of the fact that the Packers are Super Bowl bound and in some people’s eyes will be favored, I think the goodwill being felt in the Badger state should be extended to one more person: Brett Favre.

Oh I know he is a pinata these days.
I know his retiring and unretiring has been nothing short of comical.
I know he left the Packers and ended up with the rival Vikings where he almost led them to the Super Bowl.
I know he sent text messages that had pictures of his junk.

I know all of that.
And all of that must have hurt as fans.

And I know the first impulse after yesterday’s win was… OK it was to rub it in the face of your friend who is a Bears fan.

And the second impulse was probably to drink a LOT of beer.

But at some point I am sure you wanted to yell “Brett Who?” and think this game was a huge middle finger to ole number 4.

Get that out of your system. And today, welcome him back into the fold of Packer love.
That’s right. For those of you who didn’t burn his jersey, feel good about busting it out again and wearing it with pride.

The time has come to embrace everything positive he did for the Packers in his career. Favre not only had his great years in Green Bay but he made the Packers relevant and a national team.

The Packers had not been to the post season in back to back seasons since the days of Vince Lombardi. That changed with Brett Favre at the helm. Yes Mike Holmgren, Sterling Sharpe and Reggie White had a lot to do with it too, but I don’t recall Joe Montana, Terry Bradshaw nor Tom Brady playing by himself either.

Not only were they a playoff team but they a Super Bowl team. Yeah Green Bay was Title Town… but that was kind of a sad moniker for nearly three decades of zero titles. Then the Packers won… and guess who was the MVP of the Game? OK, it was Desmond Howard, but that’s not the point.

Favre delivered the title that Green Bay was starved for since the departure of Vince Lombardi.

Remember Vince? Another guy who left Green Bay to try and win a Super Bowl elsewhere! Oh I am sure there is love for Vince in Green Bay.

Even in Favre’s last game as a Packer, he got your team to within a score of the Superbowl.

Think of the three MVP seasons.
Think of the crazy style of play that resulted in either a spectacular touchdown or an interception.
Think of the There’s Something About Mary Cameo.

You can’t find any good will?

As a Red Sox fan, I have my “I can’t boo a member of the 2004 or 2007 World Champions” and that extends to boo bird targets Manny Ramirez and Johnny Damon.

We Sox fans wanted a World Series so badly and Ramirez and Damon delivered it to us. Think of all of those years of mediocre football and what Favre delivered.

And guess what?
To quote Khan’s right hand man in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, you have defeated him. You don’t need to defeat him again.

Favre left in search of another Superbowl appearance.
He didn’t get it and the Packers did!

Don’t be like Tom Hagen with Tessio. Let him off the hook… for old time’s sake.

The old times were great.
And the new times look pretty great too.

Show some dignity and tip that wedge of cheese on your head to Brett Favre.

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