Red State Strategy – My latest for The Hardball Times

In my latest for The Hardball Times, I take a look at the 2011 Cincinnati Reds’ unique combination of talent, tradition and geography and wonder… could they create their own TV network and become a big market franchise?

It’s not as crazy an idea as you would think.

Read the whole article HERE.

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Enjoy the face of Yankee fandom


Suddenly Ben Affleck isn’t looking like such a bad spokesman for Red Sox nation.

Lisa Swan has aired her opinion on Subway Squawkers
But I have a different take.

I would love to have Charlie Sheen as a guest on my podcast. And I will just talk baseball. No questions about drugs, porn stars, Two and a Half Men, rants whatever.

Just talking baseball.

I wonder if that will happen.
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Lisa Swan joins The Sully Baseball Show

Lisa Swan, co writer of Subway Squawkers, my favorite baseball blog, joins me on The Sully Baseball Show.

We will talk Red Sox/Yankees and thank our lucky stars that we are not Mets fans.

We begin at the second hour of the Seamheads Radio block.

Click below to hear the show.

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