What exactly am I supposed to say about the Barry Bonds trial?

I have received a bunch of e mails in the last few days asking me what my thoughts are on the Barry Bonds trial.

They are very similar to my thoughts on the current season of American Idol.

I am aware that it is happening, but I couldn’t possibly care less. I don’t even know the details of either one. I know Steven Tyler is a judge… but I am not sure if it is for Idol or the Bonds trial.

Both Idol and Bonds are similar in another way. They used to be big parts of my life. I was a big Barry Bonds fan for the Pirates and the Giants.

And I defended him on this blog a bunch of times.
But after he passed Hank Aaron, there was nothing left to watch.

And in case you missed it, the Giants had a good year last year without him.

And I used to be an Idol addict… then they screwed over Melinda Doolittle, Adam Lambert and Crystal Bowersox and then Simon left. What was the point of watching?

When I read today that they were playing voicemails to his mistress as proof that he had ‘roid rage, I said “Oh man, this is going to be thrown out of court.” The pitchers who kept intentionally walking him over the years had a more courageous game plan.

Look folks… you may not like Barry Bonds, but there are three things you can not deny:

He was a great player no matter what he injected into his ass.
He is a hell of a lot smarter than Roger Clemens and Rafael Palmeiro who stepped on some legal landmines
He has a great friend in Greg Anderson.

And if you don’t like Bonds, he’s gone. He’s no longer playing. He’s part of an era that if it isn’t over, it is damn near over.

Imagine yourself in the 1920s looking at he Dead Ball era… or in the 1960s with a higher mound looking at the big home run totals from a few years before.

Or someone watching games now in the retroballparks looking back at the cookie cutter multipurpose stadiums with the Astroturf.

If you don’t like Bonds, that’s what he should be to you.
In the past and something you’d rather not think about.

There are already new stars and new hope for the game. If you are a Bonds hater, then ignore the trial.

And if you are expecting some great legal drama, then watch The Good Wife.

But there’s nothing going on in that court room.

Let’s get back to baseball.

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REALLY San Jose Sharks?

Look, I like the Sharks. They are my hockey team.
And yes, I realize that this is a NHL wide promotion.

But seeing that I have clicked on a few Sharks websites, this gem landed in my mail box.

The PRIDE of Ireland?

As a man who has some Irish blood in him, I don’t recall hearing stories of my ancestors coming over on the boat, being conscripted into the Civil War, building the railways and working their way up the New England working class singing songs about the old country and Joe Thornton.

Seriously… The Celtics? The Notre Dame Fighting Irish? I’ll listen.

The Sharks?
Their color isn’t even green!

It is teal, which is bluish green.

That being said, this Irish American says Go Sharks (but not for any ethnic pride.)

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