Rest in Peace Lou Gorman

Lou Gorman passed away today… and had the Red Sox made that last out in the 10th inning of Game 6 of the 1986 World Series, he would have been a beloved genius. He would have been declared the great architect of the team that whipped the Curse.

And unlike the 2004 team which was cobbled together from other organizations, he would have been hailed for having a predominantly home grown squad. Rich Gedman, Marty Barrett, Wade Boggs, Jim Rice, Dwight Evans, Roger Clemens, Bruce Hurst, Al Nipper, Oil Can Boyd, Bob Stanley and Steve Crawford all contributed to the near title.

And he made the trade for Dave Henderson and Spike Owen down the stretch… and brought in Don Baylor to take charge of the clubhouse.

He would have been a legend.
Now before you say “Hey, he didn’t draft Rice, Evans etc…” remember that Theo didn’t bring in Pedro Martinez, Manny Ramirez, Jason Varitek, Johnny Damon nor Derek Lowe, but nobody had any trouble giving HIM credit for 2004!

If that last out was made, Gorman would have been hailed as the architect.
Alas that last out wasn’t made… but Lou deserves a salute here. Nobody got the Sox closer over an 85 year stretch.

When the Red Sox DID win in 2004, the big hit in the clinching game was by Trot Nixon. Guess who drafted him?

Lou Gorman.

Thanks Lou

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Yes Matty… for one day the Dodgers are #1

As I wrote before, I am raising one child to be a Giants fan and my other as a Dodgers fan.

And while one son, Aidan, is rooting for the Defending Champs, my other boy Matty has the upper hand for at least a day.

The Giants didn’t do much to change their appearance of being all pitch and no hit and torturing their fans. I still think the Giants are winning the division and the Dodgers are in for the lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng year. But savor it Matty. It may not get better than this.

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Did everyone on the Yankees bat .270 last year?

I was listening to John Sterling and Suzyn (sic) Waldman call Opening Day in the Bronx yesterday. It seemed like everytime they described a Yankee batter, they said “last year he hit .270.” Jeter… A-Rod… Gardner… I think someone else I can’t remember… all batted .270.
I am sure there is some conspiracy involving the Mayan calendar about that.
Of course they also said about each batter “He is due for a big breakout season this year.” The whole damn team will break out. Unless of course the days of players in their mid 30s suddenly improving have ended.
Maybe they will all bat .271.

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