Kila Ka’aihue is pronounced Kila Ka’aihue

The Royals won their first game of the season with a walk off shot by Kila Ka’aihue… which is easier to write than say.

Truth be told, I cut and pasted it, so if I spelled it wrong, blame Yahoo Sports.

But I had no idea how to pronounce it, so I went to Wikipedia.
This is what they had for the pronunciation:

That’s not helping me.
What’s the point of a pronunciation guide if you need to get ANOTHER guide to figure out the first guide?

I still don’t know. Maybe he’ll play long enough to figure it out. If I could figure out how to pronounce Mientkiewicz then how hard can Kila Ka’aihue be?

(Truth be told, I cut and pasted Mientkiewicz as well.)

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