The reawakening of Vernon Wells – My latest for The Hardball Times

In my latest for The Hardball Times, I speculate about Vernon Wells and the potentially joyful season he might be having for the Angels. My reasons are not based on stats but rather emotions, which means the commenters will probably hate my guts.

Ahh well.

You can read the whole article here.

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Whose opening was worse? Charlie Sheen or the Red Sox?

There wasn’t a lot of “Winning” going on with either one. In fact both flopped pretty dramatically.

I would argue that the Red Sox had a worse opening. Because with Charlie, what exactly could you possibly have expected the show to be?

He wasn’t going to sing. Or dance. And clearly no writers were on tour to feed him lines. (Although it is safe to say Sheen had a LOT of lines before the show.)

So if you went to the show, you were expecting to see Charlie Sheen act like a deranged lunatic. And it sounds like he delivered.

Meanwhile the Red Sox were capable of something. They could have pitched. They could have hit. They could have kept a FEW balls in the yard.

Let me put it this way, nobody was picking Sheen’s show to win a Tony Award, but a lot of people thought this Sox team was ready for a parade in November.

So I guess the one with Tiger blood indeed won again.
(How could his Tigers uniform not say “Tiger Blood” on it? That could have made the whole show work!)

My friend, the brilliant Christian Finnegan, Tweeted it best regarding the Sheen refunds.

DECREE: Anyone wanting a Charlie Sheen refund must first make a public speech explaining his rationale for purchasing the ticket.

The REAL winners?
The writers of Two and a Half Men. They can say “It’s not so easy, is it Mr. Warlock?”

Let’s hope the Red Sox can start being more Hot Shots, Wall Street, Major League Charlie Sheen rather than “being an expensive and humiliating public disaster” Charlie Sheen.
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Oh dear, Javy

It wasn’t supposed to be like this, Javier Vazquez. Wasn’t the whole point of you going to Florida was that you were going to relax and NOT suck?

I got on Vazquez all last season because I thought from the start he was ill fitting in New York. But I thought a trip to Florida would be like his time in Atlanta. Relaxed and without pressure, Vazquez would revert to his All Star stuff.

Instead he got smacked around by the Mets. Yeah it is only one game… but this isn’t a good start.

I wonder if my Anonymous Javy Vazquez admirer will come back.
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