I am loving the yellow A’s uniforms

NOW they are starting to look like the Oakland A’s again!
I always liked the solid yellow jerseys that said “A’s.”

And frankly I just like the name “A’s” better than “Athletics.” There’s something goofy about a team named after a letter and Athletic is such a vague term that I find myself siding with goofiness.

I like that it is a button down jersey with the piping and not the pull over shirt from the 70s.

I know this yellow jersey will be an alternate uniform. But like my love for the new Pirates jersey, I think they should wear it more often than not.

I hope they do the same thing with the green uniforms, like the one that Reggie looked so awesome wearing.

Outfit the A’s in the green jerseys with piping down the front and make that the permanent road jerseys.

How cool would they look?

And their regular home jerseys should be like the one Rickey Henderson wore during the 1980s. White jersey, piping, with “A’s” on the front.

It has a combination of class and color… which is always a good thing.

OK, enough fashion.

Back to baseball.

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Josh Beckett… the earning of $15.75 million begins NOW

Seriously, it is time for Josh to be Josh again.

In my Star Trek movies to Josh Beckett chart, we should be due for Star Trek VI, which was good. (No really, it was.)

So let’s get going… it’s off to Cleveland, the site of Beckett’s greatest triumph as a member of the Red Sox.

Remember? In 2007, he became the American Bad Ass! The Sox were down 3-1 and Cleveland was on the verge of winning the pennant and CC Sabathia was on the mound.

Beckett calmly and carefully reduced the Indians to rubble, forcing the series back to Boston.

He didn’t care that the Indians ace was on the hill.
He didn’t care that Kenny Lofton tried to pick a fight with him.
He didn’t care that they brought out his ex girlfriend to sing the national anthem.

He just won.

The stakes are not as high right now, but a streak stopping loss will go a long way to putting some confidence in Beckett.

Live long and prosper, Beckett and on to the Undiscovered Country!

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