Hey Dave and Mike … you are on the air!

Mariners announcers Dave Sims and Mike Blowers were waiting for their call of the Mariners and Rangers game. Little did they know that the MLB Network decided to cut right to their feed.

Ah well… at least nobody picked their nose.

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New Sully Baseball Video – "Clear Skies… Empty Stadium"

In the latest video (made with my wonderful wife, Lisa) I wonder why baseball is playing in cold weather cities in early April while San Francisco and other fair weather parks sit empty.

I am sure there is a reason… just not one that makes sense.

(Also special thanks to Debbie for making this video. Visit her site.)

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Good for Ron Roenicke

Good for him for getting his first win as Brewers manager.
But also good for him for not panicking nor “going by the book.”
It’s early in the season and everyone is soiling their pants with pitch counts. Meanwhile Yovani Gallardo chucked 8 innings of 2 hit ball in a 1-0 game. Did Roenicke go to the closer like everyone on the planet Earth is told they should do?
Nope. He let Gallardo finish it. An ace is established. Confidence is built. More wins to come.
Also good for him for employing one of the Iorg brothers.
I always confused them. Then again, I also confused the Roenickes.
Maybe that’s why he hired him.

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