Is Joe Buck OK?

Seriously, did anyone else hear his broadcast today and think “Did he OD on NyQuil last night?”

He was so bored and so little energy in the Red Sox – Yankees game that he sounded like me describing a poetry reading night.

Now I hate poetry readings, so my boredom is understandable. But Joe loves baseball, doesn’t he?

Cheer up! Put your back into it Joe!

If he can’t do the job, then can I recommend getting Jon Voight to call a game AS Joe Buck from Midnight Cowboy?

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There’s nothing to talk about with this game

This Red Sox – Yankees game was as entertaining as geometry class. It is in fact the exact kind of game that makes the rest of the country hate the Red Sox and Yankees rivalry.

Lots of build up, it was long, boring and didn’t live up to the hype.

Nor does this Red Sox team. They can’t win a Buchholz vs. Nova match up?

They will be 1-8 by the end of tomorrow.

OK, I should clean.
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Spiderman… Mets fan

I bet you didn’t know Spiderman was a Mets fan.
It makes sense. I think Peter Parker was from Queens and he had that unlucky Mets quality to his non superhero life.

In this clip from The Electric Company, he takes a break from crime fighting to catch a game at Shea. There he meets up with the super villain “The Wall”, whose diabolical plot seems to be to create cheap home runs for the other team.

So Spiderman comes down to the field to help the Mets and is berated by Morgan Freeman.

Folks, that was the single greatest sentence ever written in the history of mankind.

You’d think the Mets would try to make a clearer link to Spiderman.

Maybe instead of constantly honoring the Brooklyn Dodgers, they could have a Spiderman day or have wall for kids to climb up.

If Spiderman were real, no doubt they could sign him. The Mets could pay him more than the Daily Bugle.

But they’d probably find a way to mess it up and they’d have to eat HIS salary too.

I wonder what “Gumbo” Grace Ivy would be making today. (No doubt the “Tom” he is referring to on the mound is Mr. Seaver.)


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