Carlos Delgado and the missed chance to be a legend in New York – My Latest for The Hardball Times

In my latest for The Hardball Times, I take a look at the solid and dignified career of Carlos Delgado.

But I also wonder what could have been. If the Mets won the 2006 NLCS, he would have been a post season immortal in New York, which means a special place in baseball history. Just ask career journeyman Don Larsen.

You can read the article HERE.

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Grady is the caretaker

I picked Grady Sizemore to be the AL Comeback Player of the Year in my preseason predictions and so far that is looking pretty solid.

But I am officially intrigued by this Indians team. First of all they are in first place with an eye popping 12-4 record.

Secondly they have come into the home park of another surprising team, the Royals, and won a solid extra inning affair to make it 4 in a row.

What if…?
Could they…?
Is Grady Sizemore the spark this team needs?

Yeah it is early, but we all kept saying “It’s early” with the 2006 Tigers and the 2008 Rays until they were in the World Series!

I am just glad they are playing fewer and fewer games with the Chief Wahoo hats.
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This Lincecum fellow isn’t bad

Not sure if you noticed or not… but this kid can pitch.

And the Giants made a very interesting statement tonight. They went into Colorado, who were red hot and only lost 3 games all year (and as I wrote earlier, 2 of those losses were extra inning affairs.)

The light hitting Giants made sure the Rockies were down 5 runs before they even came to bat. And Lincecum made sure they didn’t get as much as a hit until the 7th inning. By then it was an 8-0 ass whuppin’.

With Ubaldo Jimenez coming off the DL tomorrow, the Rockies can’t be too sure what they are going to get from him. And the Giants are throwing Matt Cain on Wednesday.

In other words, the Giants are making a statement.
The Rockies may have the best record in baseball, but the Giants are still the champs.

And this Lincecum kid might have a future.

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