Show up Indians fans… it’s fun so far.

The Indians are the best team in the American League right now. And if you missed the game against the second place Royals, then you missed another fun back and forth affair.

Sin Soo Choo broke it open with a 7th inning homer. Matt LaPorta is showing that the CC Sabathia trade might finally be paying dividends. Grady Sizemore’s comeback is in full swing. Jack Hannahan, he of 18 career homers going into yesterday’s game, hit 2 out last night.

And oh yeah, Justin Masterson won his 5th game.

Show up! What if THIS is the team that does what Bernie Kozar, LeBron James, Albert Belle and CC Sabathia couldn’t do?

What if THIS is the team that finally wins it?
Don’t you want to at least know their names?

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