These Indian Fans Get It

Progressive Field in Cleveland wasn’t exactly packed for yesterday’s game between Detroit and Cleveland.

But the fans who WERE there get to say they were on the bandwagon early.

They get to tell other fans that they were THERE when the Indians erased 3-0 and 5-2 holes and saw Asdrubal Cabrera hit a game tying homer and Carlos Santana crash a walk off grand slam.

If the Indians go far this year, last night’s game will be prominently featured in any 2011 Highlight Reel.

These fans were there.

Pay attention Cleveland.
Something fun is happening.

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Who the hell is Vance Worley?

One of the fun things about the Phillies this season is checking the box score to see which ace was throwing today.

You have an 80% chance of seeing a kick ass potential Cy Young contender. You have two former NLCS MVPs… and neither one of them is named Halladay or Lee.

So I saw the Mets were clobbered by the Phillies, who held New York scoreless until the 9th, I checked to see which ace was on the hill.

It was of course Vance Worley.

Seriously, hands up if you heard of Vance Worley.
(Put your hand down, Mrs. Worley.)

Here he is.

He is 23 years old and pitched fine as a September call up last year. This year he shut down the Mets in his first start of the season.

What if he continues to pitch well?
I mean he only has 4 aces to take him under his wing.

Good luck with your injury Joe Blanton.
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Mattingly and Dotel: Unbelievably bad bad luck – My latest for The Hardball Times

In my latest article for The Hardball Times, I take a look at Don Mattingly and Octavio Dotel’s career. These two guys don’t have a lot in common, except that their luck for participating in the World Series is staggeringly awful.

To read the article, CLICK HERE.

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