I am going to get grief for my old camouflage post

To honor the brave soldiers who took out Bin Laden at his hideout Mansion in Pakistan, the San Diego Padres will wear their special camouflage uniforms.

Last year I wrote a blog post where I trashed the uniforms. I took great pains at the beginning of the article to make it clear that I understood they were honoring the military and that I knew the Padres do a lot for the many locals who are in the armed forces. I just thought the uniforms were ugly.

I still do.

But despite my preamble, I still got people writing to me saying “Don’t you understand that they are honoring the military?”

Yes. Yes I do.
I was considering taking down that post, but nope. It is up there.

I did go back and write a new disclaimer in bold and italics. I know it will be ignored.

If I take flak, I can handle it. I am not trying to pull a John Steigerwald and be the angry counter arguer.

I just think the uniforms are ugly.
But I am glad Bin Laden is gone. And the brave soldiers who took them out deserve our praise.

Now play ball.
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