Start the season with the All-Star Game – My latest for The Hardball Times

In my latest for The Hardball Times I tiptoe into the realm of changing baseball tradition. It’s a dangerous thing to do, but hear me out. The All Star Game should START the season.


Well read the article by CLICKING HERE.

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Kyle Farnsworth’s ability to disappoint never disappoints.

I will never understand how a major league pitcher could throw a game ending bases loaded walk. Seriously, lob the damn ball down the center of the plate? What’s the worst thing that can happen?

A walk off grand slam.
But at least you made the hitter take a cut.

Throw one away and you literally hand the game over.

That’s Kyle Farnsworth for you. The Rays are going to discover what the Cubs, Yankees, Royals and Braves already know:

He’s got the goods but somehow can’t put up the numbers.

Throw it down the heart of the plate!
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