It’s not a bad stadium… but AT&T Park is better

For the first time since the mid 1950s, my dad is a fan of the defending World Series Champs. And who knows? They are in first place by themselves again and there could be another fun October this year.

It’s my dad’s birthday and everything I wrote a couple of years ago still stands.

The main thing that is different is I got to watch part of the World Series with him last year. We’ve both had recent World Series winners and for a long time it seemed like NEITHER of us would see our teams win.

I am still curious to see what would happen in a Giants – Red Sox World Series.
Maybe this is the year.

But that is speculation for the future.
For today, all I can say to the man my kids call “Poppy” is Happy Birthday. Let’s have a lot more.
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If the Giants and Dodgers play a wild game and nobody is there to see it…

Last night the Giants were in total control of the game for 8 of 9 innings it seemed like.

Then, blink, the Dodgers tied the game.

Then, blink, the Giants have a 3 run lead again on Cody Ross’s 2 out 3 run 9th inning jack.

With all of these last at bat victories, Brian Wilson will have a shot at 20 wins before poor Matt Cain does.

But did you see where the Cody Ross homer landed?

The left field seats were practically empty.
Yeah I know it was a Wednesday, but still!

This is a Dodgers and Giants game!

Is this all residue from the Bryan Stow incident?
Fallout from the McCourts?

Either way it is sad. Los Angeles should be a huge baseball town, especially after the Lakers are out of it.

There must be a billionaire owner out there. One of my sons is a Dodger fan and in a few years he will be of the age where he will start to know the players and the ins and outs of the game.

Let’s hope by then they have management that cares.

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Thanks for nothing, Baltimore

The Orioles keep the Yankees off the board for 13 out of 15 innings and get a blown save out of Rivera…

And left HOW MANY men on base?


They had the bases loaded in extra innings TWICE with less than two outs!

They let someone named Hector Noesi throw 4 shutout innings in what I believe was his big league debut where every single pitch he threw could have ended the game in Baltimore’s favor.

You let them off the hook?

The Orioles could have pulled to within one game of the Yankees and knocked New York out of second and kept them spiraling.

Get it together!
We need to work together to knock the Yankees off of their perch!

Get on in tomorrow!

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