The Red Sox Magic Number Is 112

The Red Sox who started the season 0-6 and 2-10 are in first place by themselves.

(Thank you A. J. Burnett’s high pitch count and mediocre Yankee middle relief.)

So now any combination of Red Sox wins and Yankee losses that equal 112… and the Red Sox are the 2011 American League Eastern Division Champions.

And they got there BEFORE Memorial Day. They had a disappointing first third of the season and are STILL in first place by themselves.

Ain’t no stopping us now!

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What in the name of Steve Lombardozzi is going on in Minnesota?

Seriously, I get a little let down. But this is no longer THAT early in the season. They can’t hold a 5 run lead against the Angels? It is Memorial Day weekend and they are the worst team in baseball?

The same team that had home field advantage in the Division Series last year is thinking Draft Pick this year?

Even with the Indians having a little dip with their 3 game losing streak, the Twins can’t make up any ground. They are 15 games back in the loss column. That’s more than 2 weeks of games.

Seriously, if I flipped the AL Central standing upside down, you would think it was the pre season predictions!

If I said Twins in first, White Sox in second, Royals in third, Tigers in fourth and Cleveland in the cellar, the only thing that would have raised an eyebrow was putting KC in the #3 spot.

Seriously, a few more weeks of this and the Twins might have to start dealing some of their players.

I wonder if they could trade Carl Pavano back to the Yankees.

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Maybe Brandon Crawford WILL be needed!

Yesterday I wrote about why the Giants should make a trade for Mets shortstop Jose Reyes. And I suggested in the trade package they include shortstop prospect Brandon Crawford because, and I quote, “slick fielding young shortstop Brandon Crawford won’t be needed.”

Well today, Crawford made his big league debut and hit a go ahead grand slam that made a winner out of Tim Lincecum.

If he can keep hitting like that, maybe the Giants can save their prospects.
Then again a grand slam in your first game a star does not make.

Just ask Daniel Nava.

Either way, a nice “welcome to the big leagues” for Mr. Crawford. You will notice in this picture, Miguel Tejada looks really happy for Mr. Crawford.

Look out Miguel. He might have your job before long.

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