I am really not worried about Jon Lester

I know I should be terrified about Lester.
I know I should be breaking down his every start and wondering if this were the end.

I know 4 of his last 5 starts have stunk.

I know he is supposed to be our Cy Young contender.

But I just can’t panic.
Let’s say this is the 1/3 mark of the season…
Let’s say Lester has the exact same result each of the next thirds of the season.

He’d be 21-6 with a 3.94 ERA. 210 innings pitched and 207 strikeouts.
I’d take that.

And yeah, I know he would benefit from a lot of offense and good closer.
So what?

Would you rather have a 20 game winner who was lucky or a 12-12 pitcher with great stats who was unlucky?

I’d rather have the 20 game winner. Do you know why? That means my team is WINNING.

I’m not worried.
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