Uniform Prejudice

What if I told you there was a great game tonight?
I described the game as between two clubs that have won it all in the past 10 years.
One team was in the LCS as recently as 2007.
The other team is loaded with young talent.

They both would be in the Division Series if the playoffs started today.
They both had solid pitching, exciting young hitters and were hungry to add to their World Series tally.

And one team jumped out to a 4-0 lead thanks in part to a home run and a triple from their rising young offensive star.

And the other team came back to tie the game and take the lead.

Then a top of the 9th inning blast by the newly acquired former All Star catcher tied the game.
But the home team won it with a walk off hit from THEIR big rising star.

It was an awesome game.
And if it were Red Sox and Yankees, it would go into the archives.
If it were Cardinals and Cubs or Phillies and Mets or Dodgers and Giants it would be the game of the night.

Instead it was the Marlins versus the Diamondbacks.

Can you imagine if I called someone and said “Are you WATCHING the Marlins and Diamondbacks game?”

They would have to assume a UFO landed on the middle of the field because why the hell else would I be watching that match up?

But why wouldn’t I? They are two young and exciting baseball teams. Justin Upton? Mike Stanton?

They are a hell of a lot more interesting that watching the Mets, Dodgers or Cubs… three teams that SHOULD be the best in the National League.

I’ll say it. We have uniform prejudice. We have a hard time thinking “What a great match up” when we hear “Diamondbacks and Marlins.”

Even though they BOTH beat the Yankees in the World Series last decade, they are still looked on as the new kids who don’t have the pedigree of an old team (like the Pirates.)

I bet you are going to see some uniform prejudice in hockey this year. The Atlanta Thrashers are moving to Winnipeg.

Same players. Same organization.
But in Atlanta the players have an aura of playing in warm weather. How could they be tough?

Not like the rock hard team in Winnipeg!

Nothing has changed but the threads.

We have perceptions based on the uniforms.
And it is odd.

So let me go on the record… the Marlins and Diamondbacks played the game of the night last night.

It only sounds odd with a closed mind.

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