The Mariners aren’t GOOD are they?

They were supposed to stink going into this year.
And frankly a quick peak at their stats on Baseball Reference isn’t pretty.

Even Ichiro’s stats look mortal.

Yet here we sit in June with the Mariners only a game out of first in the loss column.
Justin Smoak’s bat is starting to live up to its name.
Adam Kennedy is giving the team some pop.

And Jason Vargas (Jason VARGAS?) threw a complete game shutout.

Are we living in a world where Seattle AND Cleveland might be good again?

OK, maybe I’m getting carried away. I still think the Angels are going to win the division and the Mariners might just be having a nice middle third of the season.

Either way, I wish they’d go back to the Trident hat.

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Kind of lame uniforms… good win

I can NOT get behind the orange uniforms for the Giants.
They look like Jack o Lanterns.

If anyone should be wearing orange uniforms, it is the Astros.

But Matt Cain was on his game and not only are the Giants back in first place but they are only a few games back of the Phillies in the loss column for the best record in the National League.

I know it is early but it IS the second third of the season.

Maybe they should dress like Jack o Lanterns more often.

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Cool retro uniforms… cool win

The LA retro uniforms for the Angels are pretty cool. And they have that odd halo at the top of the cap. Eric Stangel, the Executive Producer and head writer of Late Show with David Letterman had the comment “It’s fun to look at the Angels throwback halo caps and pretend every player is wearing a yarmulke.”

Well MAZELTOV Angels!
A nice 1 run win against the Yankees. Weaver looked good and Jeter, Granderson, Teixeira, A-Rod and Cano combined for 1 hit.

The Sox need all the help they can get to climb back into First Place.
Sabathia is going tomorrow… how’s about an upset?
And how’s about bringing out MORE throw back unis?
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