No instant replay is ruining a wonderful game in Phoenix

The Nationals and Diamondbacks are playing a wonderful and riveting game in Phoenix. (No really! They are!)

Roger Bernadina hit a ground out and the throw beat him to first in the 11th.
He was called safe.

In less than 20 seconds two angles were shown that the throw beat the runner at first.
The inning was extended and now Washington has the lead.

And as I type this the Nats hit a grand slam to give the team a huge lead.
The inning should have been over.
The pitcher made 3 outs. No fielder made an error. And yet he had to make FOUR outs.

Isn’t it worth 20 seconds to let the correct team win?

A wonderful game has been ruined.

Hope you idiots who are against instant replay love that blown call.

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