Now THIS feels like Red Sox vs. Yankees!

When the Sox and the Yankees first met this year, the Red Sox were 0-6 and just wanted a freaking win!

When the Red Sox swept the Yankees in mid May, it got them to .500.

Yeah, the Sox winning 5 of 6 from the Yankees was cool… but how cool was it REALLY when the team stunk?

Things are different now.

The Yankees are the best team in the American League (thanks to Cleveland’s recent slump)…

The Red Sox are one game out of first place (two in the loss column.)

And we are in the second third of the season, so the whole “It’s early” excuse is gone.

A win in the Series and the Sox will have a tie for first place and be only a few wins away from winning the season series.

A loss in the Series and the Yankees will show that their pieced together (and genetically spliced) pitching staff might actually hold together.

Garcia is the reclamation project for the Yankees and he is pitching like it is 2005!
Lester is the ace for the Red Sox who has been up and down.

They both clobbered a bunch of opponents recently.
It feels like a REAL Sox vs. Yankees series tonight.

Sorry rest of baseball… it’s just a cool rivalry.

As always, Red Sox and Yankee fans should get along.

Leave the ass kicking to the players on the field.

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