Man… the Yankees really showed Papi who is boss!

Lots of talk of retaliation against Big Papi tonight… Maybe even a bean ball to show the Yankees aren’t soft.

Either way, a statement needed to be made about where the Yankees stood with Ortiz.

A statement was made, alright.
Nothing says “You can’t do that in OUR yard” quite like David Ortiz hitting ANOTHER homer… this one in the first inning.

The statement?
The Yankees pitching staff that looked really good on their west coast swing just might be as thin as their fans feared.

Wow. The Yankees shut down the Angels, A’s and Mariners line ups. Congrats. Now you are playing the varsity line up.

The result?
Well Freddy Garcia and A. J. Burnett looked damn good against the A’s, Blue Jays, Mets and Royals recently… but Garcia couldn’t get out of the third against the Sox.

And Burnett let up 7 earned in less than 6.

Meanwhile Wakefield wasn’t exactly Cy Young or Roger Clemens… but crept one game closer to them.

Oh… one more number?

The Red Sox Magic Number?

How will Papi ever recover?

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