I got whiplash from this game

No part of me thought the Red Sox were winning this game tonight.

Even going into it, I thought it was a “House Money” game. The Red Sox had won the first two games. Mission Accomplished. The goal should always be to take 2 out 3 in a series. And doing that on the road is an added bonus.

Doing it in the Bronx is sublime. So I literally felt no pressure going into tonights game. I figured the Sox had beaten CC before and Beckett looked great against the Yankees this year… so the law of averages said that Sabathia was going to win.

So the worst case scenario had a virtual tie for first place.
And secretly when I saw the game was delayed so long for rain, I thought “Ah just call it, make it a 2 game sweep and have Beckett start tomorrow in Toronto.

And when the game was 2-0 in the 7th and it was like 4 AM or something stupid in New York, I thought “Christ, I can’t blame the bats for being asleep. The PLAYERS should be asleep and taking a flight north of the border!”

Then it happened. Ortiz, who was plunked earlier, got a meaningless hit. And Lowrie got what should have been a double down the line but Nick Swisher, clearly rattled from his shower with Papelbon, booted it into a triple and I thought Ortiz was not going to make it home. He looked as out of shape as one of those fat dudes riding a cart around the shopping mall.

Yet he scored. And the parade began. It was startling. It was “Marlins taking the lead after the Bartman play”-esque where one minute there was a pitcher dominating to a win… the next minute the game was out of hand for the other side.

A transition that fast usually gives someone the bends.

And oh yeah, the capper was Ortiz driving that 2 run double.

I wrote earlier in the week that I didn’t care about beanballs and retaliation. I hoped the Red Sox just focused on winning.

Not only did they win… not only did they sweep them… not only did they embarrass each starting pitcher… but Papi got the last laugh.

He kicked their ass and stole their lunch.

And I get to update the tally.


April 8 – 9-6 win against the Yankees. (The Sox end their 6 game losing streak with a slugfest. John Lackey stinks but Phil Hughes stinks even more.)
April 10 – 4-0 win against the Yankees. (Beckett and Sabathia duel in a game that was 1-0 until the late innings.)
April 20 – 5-3 win in Oakland. (Red Sox survive a lead off homer and two bases loaded situations and facing the tying run at the plate to win their first road game.)
April 21 – 4-2 win in Anaheim. (The Red Sox stranded 15 men on base and Josh Beckett’s went 8 strong with no decision. But the Sox rallied in the 11th to win.)
April 22 – 4-3 win in Anaheim. (Peter Bourjos makes a 2 run errors and the Red Sox survive a bizarre passed ball by Jarrod Saltalamacchia that let a run scored from second.)
May 1 – 3-2 win against the Mariners. (Ichiro loses a ball in the sun that turns into a 9th inning triple for Lowrie. Crawford singles him home for the win.)
May 8 – 9-5 win against the Twins. (Dice-K lets up 3 runs in the first but settles down as the Red Sox clobber Carl Pavano.)

May 9 – 2-1 win against the Twins. (A bullpen breakdown cost Beckett the decision but Cark Crawford ended the game with an 11th inning walk off hit.)
May 13 – 5-4 win in the Bronx. (Youkilis homers off of Joba and Bard and Papelbon make it more interesting than it needed to be.)
May 15 – 7-5 win in the Bronx. (Sox fall behind 4-1 but come back as Youk, Papi and Salty all homer.)
May 16 – 8-7 win against the Orioles. (Down 6-0 after 6 innings, the Sox rally and win it with a 2 run walk off double by Adrian Gonzalez)
May 18 – 1-0 win against Detroit. (With 2 outs in the 8th, Salty doubles home Crawford from first for the only run. Papelbon gets himself in and out of 9th inning trouble.)
May 19 – 4-3 win against Detroit. (Bard blows Beckett’s lead but Carl Crawford wins it with a walk off hit.)
May 24 – 4-2 win in Cleveland. (Varitek throws two runners out and homers as the Red Sox win their first game against the Indians.)
May 29 – 4-3 win in Detroit. (The Red Sox blow an early 3-0 lead but David Ortiz wins the game with a pinch 9th inning homer.)
June 3 – 8-6 win against Oakland. (Buchholz lets up 4 runs in the first but the Sox come back thanks to Carl Crawford’s 2 run single.)
June 4 – 9-8 win against Oakland. (Red Sox blow a 4 run 9th inning lead and trail in the 11th before Ellsbury ties it and Drew wins it in 14.)
June 7 – 6-4 win in the Bronx. (Papelbon strikes out A-Rod to end the game with a runner on base.)
June 9 – 8-3 win in the Bronx. (Down 2-0 to Sabathia in the 7th, the Sox score 7 runs as Papi exacts revenge after getting plunked. A 3+ hour rain delay pushed the game past 1:30 AM)


April 1 – 9-5 loss in Texas. (The Sox tie Opening Day in the 8th with an Ortiz homer only to have Bard implode and the Sox let up 4 in the bottom of the 8th.)

April 5 – 3-1 loss in Cleveland. (The Sox drop their 4th straight as the bats are dead in Cleveland.)
April 7 – 1-0 loss in Cleveland. (Sox blow a great Lester performance on a squeeze bunt and Darnell McDonald overrunning the bag to end the game.)
April 12 – 3-2 loss to Tampa Bay. (A solid Lester performance is wasted as Kyle Farnsworth of all people shuts down the Sox.)
April 15 – 7-6 loss to Toronto. (Bobby Jenks implodes with a 4 run seventh inning as the Red Sox waste Pedroia and Youkilis homers and a clutch RBI double by Scuatro.
April 19 – 5-0 loss in Oakland. (Pedroia gets picked off, the Sox bats go dead and waste a solid Lackey start.)
April 26 – 4-1 loss in Baltimore. (Buchholz pitches tentatively and the Sox let Kevin Gregg of all people to close out the 9th.)
April 27 – 5-4 loss in Baltimore. (The Sox tie the game with a 3 run 8th only to have Bard lose it in the bottom of the 8th.)
April 29 – 5-4 loss to Mariners. (Bobby Jenks blows a 7th inning lead, wasting 2 Mike Cameron homers.)
April 30 – 2-0 loss to Mariners. (The Sox strand 11 runners and let Milton Bradley double home the go ahead run.)
May 4 – 5-3 loss to Angels. (7 hours with rain delays and stranded runners. Marco Scutaro was thrown out at the plate in the 12th)
May 10 – 7-6 loss in Toronto. (8th and 9th inning heroics, including a homer by Adrian Gonzalez, are undone by a walk off sacrifice fly by David Cooper.)
May 21 – 9-3 loss to Cubs. (Up 3-1 in the 8th inning, the bullpen and defense implode. The Cubs score 8 runs while both teams wear their 1918 uniforms.)
May 23– 3-2 loss in Cleveland. (The Sox blow a 2-1 8th inning lead when the Indians rally with 2 outs. Crawford ends the game on a double play.)
May 29 – 3-0 loss in Detroit. (Verlander keeps the Sox off base and prevents the sweep.)
June 1 – 7-4 loss to White Sox. (Konerko drives in three, spoiling a game tying Ortiz homer.)


This game was truly the $20 bill in your jacket you forgot you had.

Sox are in first place alone.
Ahead of the Yankees in the win column and fewer losses in the loss column.

Not bad for a night I was convinced they were going to lose.


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Welcome back to San Francisco Edgar… now can you bat for the Giants?

Edgar Renteria got a walk off hit in his first ever post season game… Game 1 of the 1997 Division Series winning the game for the Marlins against the Giants.

He got another walk off hit that post season as well. Ask Cleveland fans.

But Giant fans have long forgotten that. They remember Renteria’s sudden power stroke and his World Series winning homer off of Cliff Lee.

I really wish he ended his career right then and there.
Instead he is hanging on with the Reds.

While he is only batting .238, he’d STILL crack the Giants line up. Miguel Tejada is NO Edgar Renteria.

Don’t believe me?
See if the Reds would trade him straight up for Renteria.

I’m glad the Giants fans gave him a standing ovation.

And even though he sucked as a Red Sox in 2005, Sox fans should applaud him for that other Series that ended off the bat of Renteria… the grounder to Foulke to win the 2004 World Series.

Yes… it ALWAYS has to come back to 2004.

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Please have Berkman be a NICE Tony LaRussa comeback story

In the last few years, Lance Berkman’s stats have been falling off. He was a part time player for the Yankees in the playoffs last year, pressed into starting duty after Mark Teixeira’s injury.

Well now he is in St. Louis and is putting up All Star numbers again.

Among the leaders in batting, he knocked his 15th homer tonight and drove in his 45th run.

It’s a terrific comeback.
Tony LaRussa has had a lot of players comeback for him.

Dave Stewart in Oakland became an Ace, as did Chris Carpenter in St. Louis. Jim Edmonds refound his stroke and countless pitching reclamation projects.

But there have been other kind of comebacks.

The Mark McGwire comebacks… the lots of players who played for him being connected to stuff kind of comebacks.

Remember how quickly the Rick Ankiel story turned from the feel good baseball story of the decade to “Oh dear…”?

I so hope this is a NICE comeback on a LaRussa squad. But my guard is up.

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