Red Sox fans should be thinking about the number 99 today.

Not in honor of Wayne Gretzky

Not in honor of Barbara Feldon who played 99 on Get Smart.

Not in honor of Nena and her 99 Luft balons.

Not in recognition of the element Einsteinium which is 99 on the periodic table of elements.

Not even for the 99 Restaurant, where so many of us Native New Englanders went to eat growing up.

Nope… 99 is the Magic Number for the Red Sox to eliminate the Yankees and win the American League East.

It looks good being in double digits.
Now let’s see some winning streaks and see it in SINGLE digits.

Lackey takes the hill later today.

Stay focused John and push the needle to 98!

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Look at that! The A’s show a little fight and win a game!

An out away from losing for the 11th straight time, the A’s came from behind and beat the White Sox.

Bob Melvin’s A’s should a little fight.
And I don’t believe that was a double possessive, but I am sure my mom will tell me either way.

A win is the first step.
Here’s the second step… creep closer to the Rangers.

Guess what? They are only 8 games back in the loss column and the Rangers inevitably have a bad August. (They did last year as well… but no other AL West team was even decent last year.)

Think about it… if the A’s turn around and win this thing, Bob Melvin might win the Manager of the Year. And if he does that he’d win it in both leagues, joining Tony LaRussa, Jim Leyland, Bobby Cox and Lou Piniella.

Ah maybe I’m getting ahead of myself.
It’s just one win.

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