Liriano’s best game of the year

It may sound strange to say that Liriano could have thrown his best game when he had a no hitter in May. Hell, he didn’t even throw a complete game today.

But in the no hitter, he was all over the place, walked a bunch and struggled his way through it.

Today? He had a perfect game for a while, retiring the first 19 batters, and kept a no hitter into the 8th. He was dominating.

And I am glad the borderline call in the 7th was called an error. A no hitter should be broken up with a clean hit.

I call that the “Sabathia Rule” based on C.C.’s no hitter bid while he was with the Brewers.

Either way, good game today Liriano.
Your best one of the year.

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The road trip has been OK so far

I guess the Sox have been passing the test of this tough road trip so far.

More homers… more runs piled on…
They outscored the Blue Jays 35-6 in three games.

They’ve scored 60 runs in the first 6 games of the road trip.
That’s right… they went up against the Yankees and Blue Jays and AVERAGED 10 runs a game.

I think the bats are back.

I guess Jon Lester is doing OK… 9 wins, a decent 3.73 ERA… 8 innings 1 run, 2 hits, 8 strikeouts, 1 walk.

So 6 games into the 9 game road trip and 6 wins.
WORST CASE SCENARIO has them going 6-3, which we would have all taken.

Off to Tampa.
Win the series there and come on home!

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Edwin Rodriguez should get his resume ready

Seriously Edwin… I hope you don’t think you have job security!
Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria is a little quick with the trigger finger when it comes to showing managers the door.

It worked in 2003 when he dumped his buddy Jeff Torborg and brought in ancient Jack McKeon. The result was the 2003 World Series title.

Since then? Well Joe Girardi had the team in contention despite a microscopic payroll in 2006… and was fired.

Your predecessor Fredi Gonzalez led the Marlins to back to back winning seasons despite the leagues lowest payroll… and was fired.

You? You have one of the most talented Marlins rosters in their history. Expectations are high.
The Marlins were tied with the Phillies in the loss column on May 26th.

Since then the fish had flopped, losing 12 of their next 15 games including a nice big fat 8 game losing streak.

Better start winning, Edwin.
Joe and Fredi got jobs… but their resume was a little bit better.

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