What 6 game losing streak?

Was the 6 game losing streak to start the season a bad dream?
Either way, the Red Sox have had a 7 and now an 8 game WINNING streak to balance it out.

Today was no teeth grinder nor dodged bullet. Any 9 inning game where an infielder is pitching the last inning isn’t a down to the wire affair.

What I DO know is the Red Sox are on a 9 game road trip. It’s a doozy. It goes to the Bronx, Toronto and Tampa.

On a trip like that, you try to come out with more wins than losses and take your chances at home.

As of now, the Red Sox are 4-0 on the trip.
Not bad for a team that had a losing record as recently as May 14.

Keep on winning.
Only good things can happen when you win… like lowering the Magic Number.

The Magic Number… is 98

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