Did you see what happened in Arizona tonight?

Daniel Hudson was pitching for the Diamondbacks tonight against his old team, the White Sox.

He’s a 24 year old pitcher going up against Edwin Jackson, the guy he was traded for.

He was throwing a shutout into the 7th, but a Paul Konerko homer made it a game and he let base runners on in the 8th and 9th.

Do you know what Diamondbacks manager Kirk Gibson did?
He let him pitch through it. He didn’t baby him.

And now he got a complete game win and has the experience of working through his own jams.
Hudson is now 8-5 with a good 3.56 ERA and is averaging 6 2/3 innings a start.

The Diamondbacks now have a good young pitcher who they can count on to go deep into games. And they got that because THEY LET HIM PITCH!

It sounds so simple. And yet so few teams do that.

But I covered that in the last Sully Baseball video.

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Wait. Bill Hall is with the Giants?

When did THAT happen?
Seriously, does Brian Sabean just say “Find me an infielder who was good 4 or 5 years ago!” to his scouts?

Between Juan Uribe, Miguel Tejada, Edgar Renteria, Mike Fontenot, Freddy Sanchez and Mark DeRosa that seems to be the Giants M.O.

All I can say is if I were Cristian Guzmán’s agent, I’d have the Giants on speed dial.

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Players hurt? No problem

OK I was a little nervous when Lackey let up 2 in the first and let the Brewers score 2 more in the third. But the second I saw Adrian Gonzalez launch that opposite field shot to give the Sox the lead in the 5th, I totally relaxed.

Alright so Youk and Crawford left the game hurt. Boston will be OK. And with a little help from the Cubs over the Yankees…


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