Yes we know! You got a weather balloon with your CitiBank points!

OK, I admit this is a very specific complaint… but I need to get it off my chest.
I love and I watch a lot of the highlights of the day on there. And often times I will turn to the GameDay page and watch a bunch of clips in a row.

And they have ads inbetween the clips. And I’m OK with that. They need to pay the bills.

But here’s the problem. At least the last few weeks, they’ve been showing an ad for CitiBank Rewards points where a guy uses his rewards points to get a weather balloon.

So the ad has a little guitar riff and and announcer says “What can you do with CitiPoints?”
The main character starts to blow up a weather balloon with his racially balanced group of friends on top of a hill.

One asks “You got a weather balloon with points?” As if he didn’t know that. As if they just randomly drove up a hill with a gigantic airtank and equipment and he never asked “Where are we going.”

The main character says “Yes I did” and they let the balloon go. Now we don’t get to see the cool footage from the weather balloon. There’s a little note that says “See more at”

As if anyone is watching a commercial and thinks “Holy crap! Where can I see MORE commercials!”

“OK Sully,” you say. “It’s a lame commercial. But why are you getting worked up over it?”

Because they show the same commercial over and over again. And JUST that commercial. I’m trying to watch baseball highlights while my wife is watching Top Chef and some insane show with Ice T and his bonkers wife. And in between each great 20 second highlight I hear “You got a weather balloon with points!”

A great home run. “You got a weather balloon with points!”

The post game celebration. “You go a weather balloon with points!”

A tribute to a great retired ballplayer. “You got a weather balloon with points!”

Not to get all baseball on you, CitiBank… but mix up your pitches! If I hear “You got a weather balloon with points!” one more time I will… um… I guess do nothing.

My bank isn’t CitiBank. And I am going to continue to watch baseball highlights.

So I guess I have to come to grips with the fact that this guy got a weather balloon with points.

(Please tell me I am not the only person who is driven to insanity by the guy who got a weather balloon with points. E mail me at

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Whitey Bulger maybe was a little too loyal to the Red Sox

Well Whitey Bulger (aka the real life guy that Jack Nicholson kind of played in The Departed) was on the run but still a Red Sox fan.

It turns out he was in plain sight in Santa Monica for years.
Do you know who was also in plain sight in Santa Monica for some of the same time?


Evidently he still was wearing a Red Sox cap when they found him.
A white Red Sox cap (you know… for Whitey.)

I’ve never been on the run from the FBI, but if I were, I wouldn’t wear a Sox cap.
I’d wear a Yankee cap just to throw the feds off.

But hey, Whitey was a loyal fan.
I wonder if we ever went to Sonny McLean’s in Santa Monica together.

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