The Yankees are the best lousy team in baseball

There are two teams that play Major League Baseball in the Bronx.

I read about one team called The Yankees all the time. One team is an overpaid bunch of underachievers who are no longer an elite team. They have veterans who are breaking down, stars who are no longer hungry, a staggeringly thin rotation and a banged up bullpen.

This team was humiliated by Cliff Lee over the winter, made an insane signing of Rafael Soriano that backfired and saw their two prized home grown pitching stars, Joba Chamberlain and Phil Hughes go down to crippling injuries.

Derek Jeter is hurt, Jorge Posada is a has been and they are clearly inferior to the Red Sox who keep beating them up in head to head match ups.

Then there is another team that plays in the Bronx. That team oddly enough is also called the Yankees.

THAT team is in first place all by themselves in late June.
THAT team has the best record in the American League and only 1 game out of the loss column behind the Phillies, who are the best team in baseball.

THAT team is on pace for 95 wins and a Division Title.

They can’t POSSIBLY be the same team, can they be?
I mean the Yankees are awful, aren’t they?

I’m confused.
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