When I think Cubs baseball… I think THE ROCKETEER!!!!!!

The Cubs and White Sox just finished their game and WGN was showing a cool Cubs montage.
And it was scored to the main theme of The Rocketeer.

Odd isn’t it?
The Rocketeer wasn’t exactly a blockbuster when it came out (although it was in fact a pretty fun movie.)

It does have a great soundtrack composed by James Horner who went on to score Braveheart and Titanic among others.

But it’s not exactly the most famous score. I wonder who suggested it?
I wonder who said “Cubs baseball? It makes me think of Billy Campbell, Alan Arkin and Paul Sorvino.”

Go rent the movie. I don’t know how it aged, but it has a jaw droppingly hot Jennifer Connelly and also features Timothy Dalton as essentially evil Errol Flynn.

I hope it is still good.
And if it isn’t, then at least it will remind some of you of the Cubs.

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The Giants are incapable of playing a boring game

Is it just me, or is every Giants game a 1 run, down to the wire, walk off, extra inning pitchers duel?

They can’t even lose in extra innings like a normal team.
They have to allow the other team to come back and then take the lead and THEN give up a walk off homer.

I’m serious, Matt Cain and Tim Lincecum will finish the season with single digit wins and losses and Brian Wilson will have 25 wins.

The Giants give you their money’s worth.

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New Sully Baseball Video – "Instant Replay"

I’ve talked about Instant Replay on the blog many times, but now I cover it in the latest Sully Baseball Video.
I am expecting some people to disagree with me on this one. They tend to on this topic.

Well, I’ll let the video do the talking. As always the video was made with my amazing wife Lisa. This one was shot in San Diego a.

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